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Greshun Williams

I have enjoyed my time at my site and the people that I work with. I am at Memorial Hospital of Lufkin and it has been a great and rewarding experience. I work in the ED (Emergency Department), at Memorial. It was a challenge at first to feel like I fit in. I’ve met so many different people and I was able to help quite a few. Whether it was making referrals or assisting in finding a doctor, I always tried to find ways to help.

I quickly overcame the feeling of not fitting in because it was never about me but about the patient’s. Once I met the patient’s they became very important to me and I did everything I could to assist them with what was needed. I think that’s what being a Community Health Worker means; being there for the people and assisting them to your best ability! While on this journey of being a NEW Community Health Worker, I have learned so many valuable lessons, such as “if you don’t write it down it did NOT happen” which means Document Everything!!!!!!!!!

I also learned that people will respond to whatever you put out, so ALWAYS try to stay positive and do your best to be as understanding as possible. Never assume or speculate when you document, record everything that you see; which means to use the correct observation in everything you do. I am so glad to be a part of such a GREAT team and to have had the privilege to help BRIDGE THE GAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for this opportunity to serve my community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greshun Williams

Lufkin Memorial Hospital

Pineywoods Ahec