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Carol Hoch

My story began when I first learned about Community Health Workers, and what they do. When I came back to Houston County, from the City, I had elderly parents and I went to work for the school district. Here I learned of the need in the community, that included all ages, that had no clue where to go or how to get the needed health information and/or assistance they needed, or referral or follow up services that are available.

I feel like being a CHW, I will be able to provide a valuable service to my community. Being a CHW means being able to help many in this County get the medical care and education that is out there, that they are unaware of.

The biggest challenge I had to overcome was convincing myself I would be able to handle the classroom setting, due to being out of school for so many years. Now, I am so proud of having completed the Texas DSHS training program and receiving my certification.

Carol Hoch, CHW

Crockett Office

September 01, 2010