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Lora Rogers

My entire adult life I was overweight until about 7 years ago.  I have tried very hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, maintain my weight, and keep myself mentally fit as well.  In November of 2009, I started a new life in Texas, and when the Community Health Worker program was offered.  I thought it would be a great way to be involved in my new community and help me get to know the people and the cultures of the area.   It is amazing that by helping others, I was helping myself.  I learned a lot about myself during my training.  It became easier for me to talk to people that I didn't know, talk to large groups of people, and keep a positive attitude, even when stressed.  I always thought I was a good listener but the skills I acquired, I believe, reinforced this skill and I acquired so many new ones as well.  I received excellent training and the instructors' tests helped prepare us for reaching people who otherwise might fail to find what they need in their community.

I work at Getcap Head Start and during our parent orientation, I reminded parents of the importance of immunizations for their children.  I also gave a presentation to my coworkers regarding exercises that will help relieve the stress and strain while in their offices.  I provided handouts and demonstrated stretches that would help during their long days at their desk.  I enjoy having fun with the health subjects as well as providing valuable information.   I participate in health fairs providing literature for our organization which not only provides services to a child but to their entire family.  If we make a stronger healthier family, it will make a stronger healthier community.  I believe that by helping others, it will also help me by creating a more relaxed working environment.   I'm excited about proving what an asset this program is.

Lora Rogers
Community Health Worker
GETCAP Head Start